The Most Awaited Apple Event WWDC 2023 — Everything Released

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7 min readJul 19, 2023

Apple Event WWDC 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday from June 5 to June 9, during which it announced exciting new hardware and software launches. Some of the highlighted products and upgrades are -:

  • Apple Vision Pro
  • New MacBook Air 15
  • Mac Studio with M2
  • Mac Pro with M2 Ultra
  • iOS 17
  • iPad OS 17
  • Mac OS Sonama
  • AirPods & Audio Upgrades
  • Watch OS 10
  • Health Focuses for 2023

Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s long-rumored Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Headset is officially here. It is creating a movie-watching experience through private theatre within your headset. You can feel it 100 feet wide and can watch 3D films during your long-haul flight. Apple has partnered with Disney from Day 1 to leverage its Disney Plus streaming service for a breakthrough experience. You can use this device as a gaming platform, laptop, or TV screen.

This Apple Vision Pro goes on sale early next year for $3499. Experience Look Through rather than Look At with Apple Vision Pro.

  • Power of Spatial Computing

This Apple Vision Pro is pioneering spatial computing by leveraging the M2 processor and custom R1 co-processor for real-time processing. It has a micro OLED display with 4k resolution per eye and 6 microphones, 5 sensors, and 12 cameras to deliver an impressive and immersive user experience.

Some of the immersive features are –:

  • Users can control the UI of Vision Pro with their hands, eyes, and voices. As this headset lets you pass through video, you won’t feel isolated and still communicate or interact with people around you.
  • Such powerful cameras can scan your face to capture real-time pictures with 3D effects so you can relish such moments again. You can create your ‘persona’ that will appear in FaceTime calls taking the advantage of room around you..
  • The Face time calls will be reflected in life-size tiles where you can co-watch series or browse photos, conduct meetings, or collaborate for a presentation together.
  • You can also convert your laptop screen into a giant display like an unlimited canvas. Besides, you can also resize the apps from anywhere.

New MacBook Air 15

The New MacBook Air 15 is incredibly thin at 11.5mm. However, Apple is claiming MacBook Air 15 as the world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop.

It weighs 3.3 pounds and comes with a 15.3-inch retina liquid retina display that gives you unmatched clarity, peak brightness, and 1bn color. It also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack for a cinematic feel.

The video call clarity with this New MacBook Air 15 is supernormal. It includes a 1080p camera, 6 speakers, and 3array mics that make everything heard loud and clear.

Moreover, there’s an M2 chip which Apple claims to be 12x faster than any intel-based MacBook Air. It offers up to 18 hours of battery life. You can shop this from the nearest Apple Store from the third week of June. The price starts from $1,299.

Mac Studio gets more powerful with M2 Max SoC

Mac Studio has become significantly popular among creators for podcasting, video and photo editing, making presentations, and more.

In this Apple Event, it got a big upgrade with M2 Max SoC, which Apple claims to be 25% faster than the previous M1 Max.

According to test research, Apple stated that video editors can now render videos 50% faster on Adobe After Effects.

The company called it a “monster of a chip”, as it is the most powerful silicon chip yet. The prices of new and upgraded Mac Studio computers start at $1,999 (Rs 1,65,064 in India)

Welcome M2 Ultra. Bid Adieu Intel.

So, another update from WWDC 2023, Apple has launched a new Mac Pro, also known as a ‘cheese grater’ computer. The most expensive element among all the Macs is getting Apple’s silicon chip. This Mac Pro was updated last in 2019 and today with the chip it has become Apple’s most professional-level computer.


  • It has a 24-core CPU
  • 60-core GPU
  • 32-core Neural Engine
  • 64GB of unified memory and 1TB of SSD storage

Together, it comes with a whopping $6,999.

iOS 17 gets more personalized and intuitive

iOS 17 is bringing immersive experiences, smooth channels of communication, and better sharing options for iPhone users. If you are an Apple Ecosystem user, FaceTime, Phone, and iMessage — then these 3 crucial apps are essential for your daily communication.

  • Phone App

The Phone App offers personalized contact posters where you can either have a photo or an emoji. It even supports the vertical layout of Japanese text and with a new visual identity, it gives you a consistent and continuous experience.

  • Live Voice Mail

Voicemail works as when someone didn’t receive your call, you can leave a video voicemail instead. With Live Voice Mail you can see the transcription of the recipient in real-time. It works like Bixby text calls on Samsung Smartphones. Apple is even striving to bring the voicemails to FaceTime.

  • iMessage

iMessage comes with a search filter so you can find what exactly you’re looking for. All the information shared here is end-to-end encrypted.

Apple is bringing better Stickers and meme emoji. You can even peel, stick and even rotate and resize them. Through NameDrop — apple users can share contact no just by bringing their phones closer.

  • Standby Mode

When you turn the iPhone in landscape mode, you can activate the Standby Mode. This will convert your phone into a desk clock where you can see the alarm, time, or data. Moreover, apart from the Siri command, you can now give back-to-back commands without calling ‘Siri’ again and again.

Brough personalization with iPad

Apple has brought some exceptionally interactive widgets for performing tasks without opening the app. For instance, you can switch off the fan from the home widget or play and stop music from the Apple Music widget.

You can even customize the lock screen and add multiple widgets seeking more information at a glance.

Apple has even focused on PDFs where you can identify the fields within PDF documents and quickly fill in the details like address and name through the Contact app in iPadOS.

WatchOS 10

Apple Watch is all about the widgets and connectivity. WatchOS 10 has significantly restructured the UI and focuses on users’ Smart Stack of gimmicks, like upcoming meetings, tasks completed, and even your favorite podcasts. This time it has even focused on health-related information.

  • Cyclists can leverage this watchOS by connecting it with Bluetooth enabling sensors to track essential health statistics.
  • Even hikers can use this to leverage the mental health features.

macOS Sonoma gets a new Gaming Mode and more

Apple is finally getting serious with bringing a new Gaming Mode with the new ‘OS update’. It has significantly prioritized GPU and CPU for delivering a delightful gaming experience to Mac users.

Apple says that it has optimized the audio latency with AirPods, and improved the input latency with Xbox controller or PlayStation by doubling the Bluetooth sampling rate.

The impressive part is the ‘Game Porting Toolkit’. Developers can use this to quickly evaluate whether the game is functioning correctly on Mac. So, what took months can be done in just a few days with this toolkit.

  • Apple Silicon and Neural Engine

This feature extensively helps users when they’re presenting remotely. It can show a small bubble-like face or a large overlay option in front of your presentation. Here, you can even add your emoji reactions making your video presentation a little more interactive and engaging.

  • Privacy Features

Apple is utterly looking to enhance the user privacy-related features in the new macOS Sonoma through the Safari browser. Through this, you can lock the browser windows, block trackers and maintain the authenticity of personal information.

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